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What is a WaveScan® and a WavePrint® Map?

WaveScan® technology provides a measurement and a visual representation of your current vision based on the behavior of light waves. It compares light passing through your eye to the results obtained from an eye that needs no vision correction.

There are two parts to the VISX WavePrint System. First, it includes a diagnostic device that maps the entire optical path of your eye. This WavePrint® Map, called the "fingerprint of your vision," provides the doctor with precise and detailed analysis of your vision. Secondly, the WavePrint System includes the VISX laser, which has two exclusive features: Variable Spot Scanning (VSS™) and 3D ActiveTrak™ technologies. Variable Spot Scanning allows for a larger treatment area and offers the physician greater flexibility in developing a more personalized laser vision procedure, when pupil size may be a consideration. 3D ActiveTrak automatically and continuously tracks even the smallest movements of your eye in all three dimensions during your laser vision correction. This unique feature means you no longer have to hold your eye perfectly still, but can relax, knowing you're obtaining the perfect correction as designed by our surgical team.

The WaveScan WaveFront™ System, featuring Fourier algorithms, is an FDA-approved advancement in wavefront technology that delivers the highest available resolution of your wavefront correction. WaveScan™ technology, which was originally developed for use in high-powered telescopes to reduce distortions when viewing distant objects in space, has now been applied to laser vision correction to identify unique imperfections in the eye. In fact, WaveScan™ based digital technology identifies and measures imperfections in a patient's eye 25 times more precisely than standard methods used for today's glasses and contact lenses. Once acquired, our surgeons will transfer this information called the WavePrint™ Map to our laser to provide your customized Advanced CustomVue™ procedure.

The WavePrint Map is the output of the WaveFront™ System and it is exclusive to the VISX brand. It is a brightly colored diagram of your vision with the different colors providing information that our doctors will use to determine if you are a good candidate for laser vision correction. If so, the data will be used to develop a personalized solution for you. Since no two eyes are alike, this system allows our surgical team to take a "fingerprint" of your cornea to map out any abnormal contours so they may be addressed during your surgical procedure.

With this new technology, patients are able to benefit from this new level of precision provided by the WaveScanŽ WaveFront™ System with Fourier algorithms. This has allowed us to overcome the limitations of previous technology, and deliver unprecedented resolution to ensure the most effective individualized advanced laser treatment available today; Advanced CustomVue™.