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The H Rubin Laser Eye Staff

We're a small, personable office, that has a lot of experience and is dedicated to making sure you get the information you need to make an informed decision about having the LASIK procedure. Once you have made the decision to have H Rubin Laser Eye center do your procedure, the staff will work very closely with you to insure you have the best outcome possible. Our staff, and the roles they fill, are described below.

Sylvia Ligon is our Senior Laser Vision Coordinator. She helps all of our patients from start to finish. In the beginning she explains the benefits of the different procedures available, as well as takes care of all necessary paperwork. She also gathers all pertinent medical information to communicate to the doctor, as well as performs some of the pre-operative testing that's necessary to determine eligibility for surgery. On surgery day, she walks the patient through their LASIK experience, starting with prepping them for surgery to taking care of ensuring the patients understand the post-operative care needed. Sylvia is one of H. Rubin's most senior employees having been with us for over 25 years. She has extensive experience in ophthalmic and laser vision care. In fact, Sylvia herself has had LASIK.

Jennie Sardakowski joined the H. Rubin family in October, 2005. She has been in the optical field for 4 years in retail optical and as a lab technician. Jennie is presently working in the Garners Ferry Road location and will be an Ophthalmic Assistant in the surgical suite. She has been cross trained to operate the VISIX Laser.

Tonya Davis has been with H. Rubin for 13 years. She is a SC licensed optician, has managed several H. Rubin locations, and presently works in the Bush River location. She is the team leader of our surgical team, is the actual operator of the VISIX LASIK machine, and is responsible for maintaining and calibrating the equipment.

Sean Sergott has been with H. Rubin for 2 years. Prior to moving to SC, he gained extensive experience in New York working in retail optical and as lab manager. Shaun also worked as a PRK technician with an Ophthalmological group. He presently works in our Bush River Road location and is an Ophthalmic Assistant in the surgical suite. He is being cross trained to operate the VISIX Laser.

Johnette Smith is the newest member of the Lasik team. She joined the H. Rubin family in January 2005 and works in our Garners Ferry Rd. store. Johnette's background of 20 years in restaurant management taught her to be very detail oriented; a critical trait in the surgical suite. On surgery day, Johnette organizes the patient flow, preps patients for surgery, and makes sure that the patient's understand their post surgical care. She is also trained as an Ophthalmic Assistant.