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Located in the heart of Columbia, South Carolina, H. Rubin Laser Eye Centers is a perfect combination of form and function. We specialize in LASIK and CustomVue LASIK, and are planning to add Botox Cosmetics and Restylane services for our patients early next year.

Designed to provide the best possible service to patients, every aspect of our organization has been structured with your needs in mind. H. Rubin Laser Eye is the medical division of H. Rubin Vision Centers. The H. Rubin name has been around South Carolina for over 30 years where it has become well known for providing quality eye care, eyewear, and contact lenses. H. Rubin Vision Centers began it's medical division in 2001 in an effort to become a full service eye care provider. The H. Rubin Laser Eye team has performed thousands of LASIK procedures with exceptional results.

Since many patients are price conscious, we are often asked how we are able to provide a first-class experience at such an affordable price compared to some of our competitors. The answer is simple. There is no waste in our operation. We operate the most efficient, streamlined operating room in the area. Our staff has been trained in every aspect of the LASIK experience, and we deliver quality results with no unnecessary costs or add-ons.

H Rubin Laser Eye offers an ideal environment for top quality patient care, comfort and convenience. From the personal attention each patient receives from our laser vision coordinators, to the personal attention each patient receives from our surgical team, we have addressed every area to ensure your eye surgery experience is as convenient and comfortable as possible. Although you won't find elaborate furnishings and superficial decor in our facility, you will clearly understand that you, the patient, are the most important fixture in our office. Our surgical team is friendly and knowledgeable, and the technology in our center is the standard by which the industry is measured.

We strive to deliver the best possible experience in the refractive surgery business, and we encourage anyone interested in LASIK to ask us about our results. We are not a mass-market retailer who also provides eye care services. Our operating room incorporates the latest equipment available to perform LASIK safely and effectively. H Rubin Vision Centers and H Rubin Laser Eye Centers are committed to your health and satisfaction, and with over 97% of our patients achieving results of 20/20 or better following their LASIK procedure, we are confident that we are the premier location for LASIK in South Carolina.